Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

Choosing the best social media platform for your business

The dizzying picture of social media platforms. And growing…


So… you’re going mad trying to decide which social media platforms your business should be on. 

We get it. The pressure to choose the best social media platforms and ‘nail’ your social media strategy as a new or developing business is huge.

As a new business owner or anyone new to social it can seem as if there’s a platform for every day of the year!  In fact, we have to admit that we didn’t know about half of the ones mentioned here

But representing your brand well on 1 or 2 platforms is always better than a half-hearted attempt at 7.

Here we take the guesswork out of deciding which of the top 5 platforms you should consider.


A no-brainer. Every business should be on Facebook.

There are a small number of large corporates with established international brand identities who choose not to dabble in Facebook, but if you’re getting your business on its feet or establishing your brand, you can’t afford to do the same.

It is easy to create a Business account yourself if you already have a Facebook account. We found this straight-forward tutorial here.

In terms of creating content, we always suggest to our clients to start here and adapt their content for other platforms.


If you want to get the conversation going about your brand and track who is talking about your company, Twitter is a must.

But you can skip it if you are not massive (yet) or don’t have the resources to respond to every mention on Twitter. Once you are growing or know you have someone responding to client questions, compliments and complaints you can hop on.


Technically, your business doesn’t need a LinkedIn account, but as a business owner, you do.

A fully updated personal profile showing you as the face of the company, creates trust and the networking opportunities are invaluable (more about this in a next article).

If you are a WAHM* and booming cloth nappy seamstress, you may not need to be on here unless you grow quite a bit bigger.



Often treated like a bit of a socially awkward stepbrother, Google+ or Google My Business is actually key in creating a credible, searchable (and find-able) online presence, but also to find you in the real world as well as see your business hours.

Depending on your business type, your actual address will need to be verified by phone or post so it may not happen immediately.


Instagram is image-rich and the most popular platform for 18 – 29 year olds so if your target market are millennials, then you could add a presence here at an early stage. But don’t just have an account “for the sake of it”.

If you haven’t, create an account on Instagram for yourself and play around a bit to see what type of content you need.


The other platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest and Tumblr all have a place in a well-planend social media strategy, but if you have limited resources (time/money/people), keep these on the backburner for now.

There you go. In summary: Start with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and go from there.

You could also look at your closest competition and see which platforms they play in, but the real question is always: What do your customers want?

If you’re still not sure, contact us on go@gocontentlab.co.za to see how we can help you.

WAHM* – Work at Home Mom 

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