How to do your own PR for free

How To Do Your Own PR… For Free


Most small to medium enterprises (SME’s) start with a small to non-existent PR and marketing budget. Amid the day-to-day struggles of starting up and running a business, these functions often fall by the wayside.

And it’s sad, because with a few hours a week and the right tools, you can get a good start at building your own media relationships and PR. Here, we’ll show you how.  Continue reading

Choosing the Best Social Media Platform for your Business

Updated March 2019

So… you’re going mad trying to decide which social media platforms your business should be on. 

We get it. The pressure to choose the best social media platforms and ‘nail’ your social media strategy as a new or developing business is huge.

As a new business owner or anyone new to social it can seem as if there’s a platform for every day of the year!  In fact, we have to admit that we didn’t know about half of the ones mentioned here.

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